Bantu Knot Out on Dry Medium-Length Hair

Hello lovelies!

Here’s to hoping that you have had a great two weeks. I missed you guys last week. I was trying to work on a surprise but it seems that it will have to be delayed a while longer. 😦

Now, onto the business of the day…

After the flexirod post, I was lost for how to style my hair before I put it in another (relatively) long-term protective style. My preference was a flat twist-out. The definition is usually insane and it lasts a whole week. My other option was to do a Bantu knot-out and let’s just say that I have some traumatizing history with Bantu knots. What is the story, you ask? Every time I’ve tried to do them, they have backfired a serious one: twice on the eve of weddings and once for a pretty important event. My hair never dries, especially at the roots so I end up with an afro with struggling/ non-existent curls and have to improvise. I guess you can understand why I was hesitant about taking the leap. I decided to do an Instagram poll and leave the decision to the internets while secretly hoping that a flat twist won. It didn’t.

Instagram Poll

I know how to do Bantu knots but I wanted to see if there is anything in particular I could change-up to get the best results. Continue reading